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About Manifesto!


the first modern television series to chronicle the work of activists.

A few years ago we had a crazy idea. A project that would document and expose the the goals and desires of the common person. It would give a voice and a platform to the dedicated activist and concerned citizen. A voice for everyone.

What’s your Manifesto? What do you want to change? What’s that dream you’ve been waiting to tell the world?! What is that thing you believe in so much, that you are willing to make great sacrifices to make it happen? What is the most important thing in the world to you? Tell us. No dream is too big or too small.

Manifesto! has been through a few evolutions. Today it stands as a beacon for advocates that have a story to tell. Both a cultural laboratory and an archive of previous works.

Tell Us.

MANIFESTO is the first show to chronicle the works of activists and everyday people who want to create change.

Learn More about the history of Manifesto! below.

Our Original Show Pitch Reel (2006)

What We Believe

We believe in the power of story to affect change. We also believe that the people deserve a platform that features their stories. Not just stories that those in power deem “entertaining” but the stories that people feel are important.

That’s why we created Manifesto! To provide a broadcast TV platform for people to tell their stories.


History is critical to any project or movement. The evolution of Manifesto! has been a long journey. We recommend starting with our Stories and then If you want to dig deeper into the sequence of events, please visit the history section below and then, the archive.


Media Literacy is at the core of Manifesto! We not only give the audience the means to create media, but through We Want the Airwaves and other teachings, we provide tools to tease apart and analyze the content they view and create.


Today, media makers are only beginning to realize that the stories of activists are not only worth telling; but that they are compelling. They are stories that people can relate to.

Humans have plenty of examples of iconic changemakers throughout history, but icons are not enough. Nuts and bolts education needs to happen in order for social movements or individual actions to be successful. Unfortunately the teachings on movement building and social change theory are still in their infancy.

Examples are our next best venue. Seeing our sisters and brothers – fellow human beings – doing great things is not only inspirational, it is educational.


An abbreviated history of Manifesto!

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